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Patrick J McClanahan

I began my journey to becoming a teacher in 1997, looking forward to dedicating my life to being a music educator. The dream never quite fit, and I decided to leave school temporarily to find my path. After nearly eight years in sales and marketing, marriage, and the birth of two children, I returned to school full-time in 2007 to complete my degree, this time to become a social studies teacher. My deep love of history and true appreciation of political science and civics drove me to work harder than I ever had and to truly embrace my education. At the same time, as a work at home parent for my son and daughter, I was able to use my life experiences to inform not only my learning, but also my teaching as I moved through the program.
My student teaching experience allowed me to experiment with different teaching techniques, determining my strengths and weaknesses. I then worked arduously to address shortfalls in my teaching and build upon my successes, using not only my students but also my peers to evaluate my progress. The professional collaboration I was able to engage in during that time was invaluable, and I look forward to again being in the classroom full-time, seeking out that essential guidance.
I know that deep down I have the potential to be a wonderful mentor and teacher. I know this because I focus my energies in listening to others, accepting constructive criticism, and self-evaluating at every opportunity. I know this because I have the desire to better myself everyday, as a teacher, a parent, and a community member. I am not afraid to try new things in my classroom; I look forward to learning from mistakes to improve my students’ outcomes. I just need a school district to recognize the drive that I have and offer me the opportunity to harness it for the betterment of my students. I am a dedicated teacher, and though it took me longer to find my path, I am ready to take the next step forward in my career.