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Resumé Philosophy
  Lesson Plans

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   American History
      Guided Reading

   American Expansion Project
      Lesson Plan
      Guided Group Research

   Jim Crow Voting Exercise
      Lesson Plan
      Rules for Jim Crow Voting Exercise

   Cross Curriculum - Night and
          Modern Genocide
      Lesson Plan
      Creating Connections - Analyzing Night and
                                       Modern Genocide

   Populist Movement Scavenger Hunt
      Lesson Plan
      The Populists Scavenger Hunt
      "Farmers Alliance" Scavenger Hunt
      "The Grange" Scavenger Hunt
      William Jennings Bryan Scavenger Hunt

   Progressivism Project
      Authentic Assessment
      Progressivism Rubric
      Progressivism Project Examples

   Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Lesson
      Lesson Plan
      Radio News Broadcast

   WWI Board Games
      Lesson Plan
      WWI Board Games Examples

   Yellow Journalism Assessment
      Lesson Plan
      Authentic Group Assessment
      Individual & Group Evaluation Forms
      Yellow Journalism Newspaper Examples



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